The Berry Farm introduces The Quince!


Posted on 16 May 2014 15:48:41

The Berry Farm introduces The Quince!

While The Berry Farm has become well known for its Avocados, we also have a large orchard which visitors can see on their right as they drive in.


Predominantly planted with stone fruit, we also grow Quinces, which are becoming increasingly popular due to the paste made out of the fruit.


The quince is a deciduous tree that bears a fruit similar in appearance to a pear, which then turns bright yellow when ripe. They also have a powerful aroma, and if left in a bowl they will also perfume a room with their sweet smell. While the Quince isn’t a stone fruit, it is part of the Rosaceae family of flowering plants which also include Apricots, Plums and Cherries.


The tree grows 5 to 8 metres tall, with the fruit growing up to 12 centimetres long and 10 centimetres across.


Quinces are high in pectin, which helps it to set when making jelly or jam. The term "marmalade", originally meaning a quince jam, derives from "marmelo," the Portuguese word for this fruit.


Dulce de membrillo is another name for Quince Paste, which was originally made in Italy and Spain.


Quinces are the golden apples of mythology, and have a seductive history. Jewish lore suggests the serpent tempted Eve with a quince rather than an apple, and they are praised in the Song of Solomon. Ancient Greeks believed the trees sprung up wherever Aphrodite stepped when she was born from the foaming sea, thus linking the fruits with love and fertility. And quinces have featured in Persian cooking for at least 2,500 years, both in meat and sweet dishes.


Emma Holben


The Berry Farm