The Berry Farm Blue Wren


Posted on 16 May 2014 15:45:30

The Berry Farm Blue Wren

If you have visited The Berry Farm before, then you would have met our resident family of Blue Wrens, or The Splendid Fairy Wren as they are also known. And if you want to go further than that…their scientific name is ‘Malurus splendens’.


The Blue Wren is mainly sedentary, which means it defends its territory all year round. In other words, the wrens you see when you visit are always the same family.


You may have noticed that the male wrens have bright blue plumage, while the females are brown with only a blue tail. The male wrens are only this blue during breeding season. The breeding season occurs from September through to December and sometimes January. Once the season is over, the male wrens start to lose their colour and they eventually turn a brown colour similar to the female. You can still tell them apart from the girls though! The males will retain some blue on their wings, and they also have black beaks, while the female’s beak is a chestnut colour. This period of time for the male wren is known as the ‘eclipse period’.


Fun Fact: The Blue Wren also displays different courtship techniques during breeding season, one being where the males pluck different coloured flower petals (usually pink or purple), to give to the females. So romantic. They sometimes even do it when it’s not breeding season, which shows that they are smart little fellas. We think all ladies would agree with this…


Emma Holben


The Berry Farm