Why Beef and Red Wine are The Perfect Match


Posted on 28 Aug 2017 16:51:42

Why Beef and Red Wine are The Perfect Match

Are you interested in country-style lunches? Do you enjoy great wine? Why not go to Margaret River in Western Australia? Margaret River is home to some of the best food and wine producers in Australia. Many cafes in Margaret River offer delicious meals and a unique selection of wine products.

Berry Farm Food and Wine

We understand that wine drinkers prefer different tastes and compositions. In light of this, we produce finely crafted wines made from the finest and most luscious grapes. We also create fortified wines that are made by adding brandy, which results in a sweeter, more robust concoction. Our fortified wines are a great option for an aperitif or a dessert wine.

Now, you may be thinking what food goes best with our wine. On our lunch menu, we offer our famous beef and red wine pie that exemplifies just how excellent beef and wine complement each other. The pie is made with premium South West beef that is slow cooked in red wine, garlic and herbs. 

Bold Flavours

So, why are wine and beef a perfect match? The reason lies beneath their strong flavours. Wine has a compound called tannin that brings out the rough or dry taste in wine. On the other hand, beef has a fatty substance that has a slippery quality when eaten.

When these two opposite tastes are combined, the astringent substances in wine oppose the fatty quality of beef. This makes the tannins soften the fat in the beef, and the fat softens the wine’s astringency. This reaction releases more fruity flavours while eating, which explains why wine perfectly complements beef.

The Berry Farm has a Cottage Café that offers delicious morning or afternoon teas and country style lunches. The cafe menu features savoury meals, unique drinks and a child-friendly menu. We use our own farm-grown produce in making our meals. We continue to grow our reputation for producing high-quality produce and gourmet goods for everyone.

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