Amazing Things to Do in WA: Truffle Hunting and Dining with Locals


Posted on 01 Aug 2017 10:36:06

Amazing Things to Do in WA: Truffle Hunting and Dining with Locals

Western Australia, also known as Australia’s biggest state, is home to an extraordinary array of activities for tourists and locals. An alluring combination of food and company makes the trip worth it and make you want to stay longer.

Here are just two of the best things to include on your next journey to WA.

Truffle Season in Western Australia

The state offers many delicacies, one of which is the famed truffles. Truffles are some of the highly sought after ingredients in the world and because of its scarcity and strong demand, prices are steep.

And the hunt is on for freshly unearthed black truffles.

Black truffles are in season and this will go on until September. The delicacy, which can go for $3,000 per kilogram, is the subject of the “Truffle Kerfuffle”, a festival that was recently opened by the region’s development minister, Alannah MacTiernan in Manjimup last June.

In July, truffle traders across the country will team up for an industry collaboration. It is the first time they’re featuring the WA’s famed black truffles so you cannot miss this opportunity.

Five-Star Wineries and Restaurants

Western Australia considers Margaret River as its culinary crown. Apart from the destination’s pristine beaches and world-class surf, you can indulge in its wineries, breweries and restaurants. It holds the distinction of being Australia’s wine region, with producers providing more than a quarter of the country’s premium wines.

Apart from this, it is also home to award-winning breweries that specialise in traditional and experimental flavours. Of course, crafted beverages command sumptuous cuisine, which require the best ingredients.

Margaret River is popular for its creamy maris piper potatoes, Yallingup woodfired bread, Cambray sheep cheese and other food products made with care and consideration for the environment. Locals dine on organic mushroom salads, seasonal vegetable tarts or whatever fish is caught for the day, cooked any number of ways.

Dine and come see what restaurants in Margaret River can offer.

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