Savouring Margaret River’s Wines


Posted on 29 May 2017 18:35:46

Savouring Margaret River’s Wines

You do not have to be a sommelier or wine connoisseur to partake in wine tasting. As one of the top wineries in Margaret River, we allow our guests to enjoy wine tasting to get to know our unique range of wines. You might just discover that wine tasting is your new passion, or just get to know the different types of wine you like.

Looking at the wine

Professionals usually do this to try to determine the age of the wine or detect faults. The colour of white wine deepens as it ages while red wine becomes lighter. For our purposes, however, just try to take in its clarity and colour. Is it pale straw or gold? Light red, tawny or extremely dark?

Taking in the scent

Sniffing wine actually, plays a huge role in tasting it. For your first sniff, just take in the first impression it gives you. What fruits or herbs do you think you smell? Which scents are stronger and which are milder?

Now, swirl the glass to release more aroma into the air. When the wine settles, sniff it again. Did you get hints of other scents that you did not detect before? You can jot down what the scents reminded you off if you cannot distinguish them.


You can take a couple of sips, and it is acceptable to slurp and swoosh. The objective is to understand different elements that add up to the taste and feel of the wine. Is its sweetness balanced or cloying? Does it feel smooth or can you get a hint of grain? Do you detect the alcohol or does it just give a subtle warmth?

Take note of all your impressions. Do not pressure yourself if you did not detect or experience what others have. The objective is for you to know different wines beyond their labels.

The Berry Farm’s cellar doors are open for you at 10:00 am. You can also enjoy our café and garden, and bring back liqueurs or wines for your friends.