Farm-to-Table Dining – Unbeatable Freshness with Every Bite


Posted on 13 Apr 2017 08:43:32

Farm-to-Table Dining – Unbeatable Freshness with Every Bite

The Berry Farm grows many of the berries it uses in its products; additional produce is sourced from local farms. The Cottage Cafe also uses ingredients harvested from The Berry Farm.  This farm-to-table approach is no longer the norm today and sets us apart from most other food producers and food retailers.

Farm-to-table simply means consumption of food that it is locally sourced. Forget imported ingredients, prolonged freezing or “Imported” stamps. Farm-to-table is food from your local area. When you dine at our cafe in Margaret River, you are treated to a rich menu based around locally grown ingredients.

So why does farm-to-table matter? We tell you why:


By sourcing the raw ingredients locally, you support sustainability.  You are also kinder to the environment since carbon emissions are far lower for products that have been sourced locally rather than imported from abroad. There is also more transparency when buying locally as you have a greater understanding of the way that the berries, fruits or vegetables have been farmed and harvested. For us, sourcing from our farm, or from trusted, local suppliers ensures that we can give our clients great food that we know has been grown with love.

Growth for the Community

Sourcing from fellow farmers in the area showcases their products to a wider audience. This boosts the local economy, leading to growth which benefits the entire community. Farm-to-table involves the entire local area rather than just a single farm.

Health Benefits

Without the need for freezing, shipment and other processes, farm-to-table allows diners to enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables. This maximises the nutritional value of the products. In addition, with less processing, the fruits require fewer chemicals or unnatural procedures that may alter their flavour or appearance.

A farm-to-table experience is all about a sense of freshness and community that just can’t be replicated. At The Berry Farm, our in-house Cottage Cafe offers a wide array of scrumptious meals that all diners will approve of. In the mornings, tea is served with our popular scones, Boysenberry Pie and our special cakes. More treats are available from the cafe’s seasonal menu. Visit us and experience our unique dining experience for yourself.